Cycle XXX - PhD Students

Abdullah Alsaleh

Advisors: F. Paganelli (CNIT, Firenze), P. Nesi

Topic: Groupware for supporting social networks

Claudio Badii

Advisors: P. Nesi, P. F. Bellini

Topic: Analisys and development of algorithms for cloud and big data

Francesco Bagattini

Advisors: F. Schoen

Topic: Optimization algorithms for data mining, machine learning and minimum paths

Daniele Baracchi

Advisors: P. Frasconi

Topic: Relational learning by neural networks

Alice Cavaliere

Advisors: F. Bagnoli (Dip. Fisica e Astronomia); A. Zaldei; S. Di Lonardo, G. Gualtieri (IBIMET-CNR, Firenze)

Topic: Antropic sensors and control networks for territory and smart cities

Federico Becattini

Advisors: A. Del Bimbo, M. Bertini, L. Seidenari (MICC)

Topic: Efficient techniques for semantic image annotation

Rosa De Piano

Advisors: P. Marti (Univ. di Siena), L. Save (Deep Blue S.r.l., Roma)

Topic: Methods for supporting automation design in safety-critical systems

Maria Letizia Di Bartolo

Advisors: M. Materassi (ISC-CNR, Firenze), S. Ruffo (SISSA, Trieste)

Topic: Modeling for management of multiple impacts in coastal systems

Marco Dolfi

Advisors: E. Del Re, S. Morosi, C. Cavdar (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)

Topic: Energy-efficient solutions for 5G network scenarios

Andrea Ferracani

Advisors: A. Del Bimbo

Topic: Analysis of information flows on social networks

Claudio Ferrari

Advisors: A. Del Bimbo, G. Lisanti (MICC)

Topic: Facial recognition from images and videos

Sara Fioravanti

Advisors: E. Vicario

Topic: Study of SW architectures for medical applications

Giuseppe Fontana

Advisors: S. Manetti, M.C. Piccirilli

Topic: Linear and nonlinear circuit analysis, synthesis, modeling and fault diagnosis

Alessandro Galligari

Advisors: M. Sciandrone

Topic: Optimization and machine learning methods for equilibrium problems

Leonardo Galteri

Advisors: A. Del Bimbo, M. Bertini, L. Seidenari (MICC)

Topic: Development of estimation methods for objectless and object detection

Stefano Gherardini

Advisors: F. Caruso (Dip. Fisica e Astronomia), G. Battistelli, L. Chisci, S. Ruffo (SISSA, Trieste)

Topic: Analysis and control of open quantum systems

Pietro Giannelli

Advisors: L. Capineri, G. Calabrese (European R&D group of Texas Instruments)

Topic: Integrated devices for non-destructive testing of aerospace structures

Chiara Giunti

Advisors: P. Nesi, M. Ranieri (Dip. Scienze Formazione e Psicologia)

Topic: Using a Delphi method and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to evaluate instructional models for school leaders’ professional development

Gloria Gori

Advisors: A. Fantechi

Topic: Formal verification of interlocking applications

Kuppalu Ramappa Nirmala

Advisors: A. Arcangeli (Dip. Medicina Sperimentale e Clinica) , G. Innocenti

Topic: A system biological approach to study on-chip 3D cell culture

Dasara Shullani

Advisors: A. Piva

Topic: Robust digital video watermarking

Imad Zaza

Advisors: P. Nesi, A. Fantechi, P.F. Bellini

Topic: Analysis and modelling of railway signalling