Cycle XXXII - PhD Students

Stefano Caputo

Advisors: L. Mucchi , M. Pierini (Dip. Ingegneria Industriale), F.S. Cataliotti (Dip. Fisica e Atronomia), L.S. Ronga

Topic: Advanced solutions of visible light communication for infomobility applications

Chiara Clementi

Advisors: L. Capineri, F. Littmann (JRC, ISPRA)

Topic: Ultrasonic identification and authentication of copper canisters for long-term geological repository

Sara Conti

Advisors: T. Pecorella, G. Peruginelli (ITTIG-CNR, Firenze), T. Agnoloni (ITTIG-CNR, Firenze)

Topic: The interoperability of legal data: the DOGI database and the linked open data techniques

Angelo Difino

Advisors: P. Nesi

Topic: Analysis and development of an user engagement framework

Mirko Duradoni

Advisors: L. Bocchi , F. Bagnoli (Dip. Fisica e Astronomia), A. Guazzini (Centro Interdipartimentale per lo Studio di Dinamiche Complesse)

Topic: Modelling of reputational dynamics - Applications with telematic environments

Leonardo Galli

Advisors: M. Sciandrone, F. Schoen

Topic: Optimization methods for exhaustive analysis of generalized Nash equilibrium problems

Giulio Galvan

Advisors: M. Sciandrone, F. Schoen

Topic: Optimization methods for meta-learning

Paolo Mattesini

Advisors: P. Tortoli, E. Boni, H. Liebgott (UCLB, Lyon, France), O. Basset (UCLB, Lyon, France)

Topic: Development of novel methods and electronic circuits for 3D ultrasound imaging (co-tutelle with UCLB, Lyon, France)

Lapo Miccinesi

Advisors: M. Pieraccini,

Topic: Ground-based radar GBSAR and GPR

Francesca Nizzi

Advisors: R. Fantacci, F. Chiti, T. Pecorella, L. Pierucci

Topic: Networking paradigm in the Internet of everything era

Irene Paoli

Advisors: P. Nesi

Topic: Study and development of models and algorithms in big data context

Benedetta Picano

Advisors: R. Fantacci, F. Chiti, G. Bartoli

Topic: Resource allocation and performance optimization for fog computing applications

Leonardo Possenti

Advisors: G. Pelosi, S. Selleri, I. Pinto (Univ. del Sannio)

Topic: Asymptotic high-frequency methods for studying and optimizing core optical components of the LIGO interferometer detector of gravitational waves

Luca Tigli

Advisors: F. Schoen, M. Sciandrone

Topic: Using big data for prescriptive analytics

Zahra Ziran

Advisors: S. Marinai

Topic: Information extraction from graphical documents