The Ph.D. course aims to train researchers capable of carrying out high-quality research work related to Information Engineering in academic and non academic research institutions as well as in industrial research & development centers.
The course consists of four curricula:

  • Control, Optimization and Complex Systems
  • Electronics, Electromagnetics and Electrical Systems
  • Computer Engineering
  • Telecommunications and Telematics

that cover all the main areas of Information Engineering.

Questions & Answers
Large number of external collaborations
Many opportunities to do research at an international level.

You must hold a MSc degree or equivalent (at least 5 years of university studies). You may apply before graduation but you must obtain your degree before October 31th of the current year. You also must be able to use English in a professional context (a CEFR B2 level is sufficient).

There are scholarships provided by University of Florence and possibly additional scholarships funded by external companies or research institutions. All scholarships are 13868 Euros per year after taxes. These scholarships can be increased of 50% during periods spent abroad for study and research. Tuition fees are waived for all fellows. Additional positions without a fellowship are also available and these are normally covered later under a research assistantship contract. All scholarships cover the full years program.

The duration of the program is three years.The program can be temporarily suspended and subsequently resumed under special justified circumstances.

As an applicant, you will be evaluated in a competitive fashion by a designated committee on the basis of your past academic achievement, as well as on the basis of your knowledge of disciplines directly relevant to the program, your aptitude to research, and your investigative skills. The selection process requires the submission of a research project and a formal interview before the committee.

Yes. However, in case you are selected for two or more programs, you must submit your enrollment choice before the program starts. Also, if you are not immediately selected but ranked close to the top of the list, you may be still admitted, should other candidates ranked above you decide to enroll in another program.

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