Adam Ihussan went to Lucca, Trento, Parma…

Lucca: Complexity 72 hrs.

The excitement of this marvellous workshop, as hinted by the name, is that you get to complete a research paper in 72 hrs.

The tag-line and the panel of supervisor for the 6 to 7 projects were enough for me to decide that I wanted to see what this had to offer.

I was both incredibly curious and nervous going into the project thinking that it took me around 3 months to complete my first piece of PhD work, how will I be able to replicate that in 3 days.

IMT is located in ( in a beautiful building that used to be a church a while back and you can see a lot of the remnants of the building previous use.

The organisers and the fellow attendees of the workshop were from all over the world and were some of the friendliest people I have ever met.

The tutors of the projects were all very helpful in as they too realised the push for time and all the 7 teams we had completed the project and wrote the initial draft of the papers all within the 72 hrs.

Like most of the people that attended I too found this workshop to be an amazing experience and would like to go to the workshop again.

For anyone interested the details were found on the following link.


Trento: CCS/Italy 2019.

This was the first Italian Regional Conference on Complex systems and was the flagship event of CCS/Itlay to promote the dissemination of Complexity Science and interdisciplinary scholarly exchange for complex systems researchers and practitioners in Italy.

The 3 day conference covered a host of diverse topics that were delivered through talks and posters. The topics, like other CCS conferences, ranged from Foundation of Complex systems to Data-Driven Complexity and everything in between.

All the contributions were delivered succinctly in a fashion that catered for the diverse backgrounds that formed the audience.

One particular feature of the conference that deserves a remark are the poster sessions that were held during the coffee and lunch breaks. The poster display room was fitted with large TV screens, and the poster contributions were displayed on these screens. This allowed for some very interesting and creative posters that had more dynamic elements to them, like videos and sideshow pictures. This added a lot of breadth to these poster sessions that could sometimes be seen as very static.

I was fortunate enough to be selected for talk in the conference where I presented an overview of a work titled: “Unravelling the topology and selected reaction parameters from global measurements of an extended neuronal model.”

The next one will be in Rome and the details are likely to be announced on the link below:

Parma: XXIV National Conference of Statistical Physics and Complex Systems

A wonderful conference organised around the election of the executive committee for Assembly of the Members of the Italian Society of Statistical Physics.

The conference covered many interesting topics from the lovely people that formed the community. After the initial day of of contributed and keynotes, the second day featured a discussion from the nominees which was followed by the election of the committee.

I was selected for poster contribution on the topic : The conference covered many interesting topics from the lovely people that formed the community.

More information on the conference can be found through the following link: