In this webpage you can find the list of the the PhD graduates.

Cycle XXXII (started in Academic Year 2016/2017)

PhD StudentThesis titleSupervisor
Shaya Abdullah AlshayaA Comprehensive cyber security enhancing strategy for industrial control systems in Oil IndustryD. Giuli
Claudio BaecchiWeb-Scale tagging of social mediaA. Del Bimbo, M. Bertini
Federico BartoliUser interest profiling by real-time person dertection and coarse gaze estimationA. Del Bimbo, G. Lisanti, F. Pernici
Nicola BartolomeiSIW slot array solutionsE. Del Re, A. Freni, S. Morosi
Luca BrilliSecurity and privacy in smart environment networks – Analysis and technology solutionsT.Pecorella
Giovanni BurresiResearch through design and Internet of Things: tecnologie abilitanti, applicazioni ed educazioneA. Rizzo
Cristina CecchiniNon-Suicidal Self-Injury: a study about the evolotion of stable maladaptive strategies.F. Bagnoli, A. Guazzini – Co-tutor: P. Merignolo
Simone ErcoliCompact hash codes and data structures for efficient and distributed visual descriptors retrievalA. Del Bimbo, M. Bertini
Alessio FanfaniCommunication techniques, architecture and sevices for satellite application in emergency scenariosE. Del Re, S. Morosi, L.S. Ronga
Ana Luisa Barrads Vicente FerreiraUnderstanding the impact of mediated support on human performanse: a study on fligth path management applicationsP. Marti
Chiara FioravantiICT e integrazione: strumenti di e-government a supporto dell’accesso all’informazione e al processo di inclusione nelle società interculturaliP. Mercatali
Nicola FortiDynamic field estimation in complex environmentsL. Chisci, G. Batttistelli
Angela GuerrieroCharacterization of biologica! samples through microarray technologiesA. Arcangeli, A. Magi
Elisa GuidiIntimate partner violence: comparison between empirical data and stochastic agent-based modelingF. Bagnoli, A. Guazzini
Gabriele GuidiSystem for aiding clinical management of congestive heart failure to improve patient assistance at homeD. Giuli
Alessio MartinelliAdvanced position fixing and dead reckoning techniques: cooperative GPS positioning and context-aware pedestrian dead reckoningE. Del Re, S. Morosi
Valentino MeacciNovel ultrasound imaging techniquesP. Tortoli, S. Ricci
Marco PassafiumeSubmetrical calibration – Free indoor localization system for IEEE-compliant wireless user devicesA. Cidronali
Federica Picca NicolinoSolving applied scheduling problems through mathematical programming modelsF. Schoen
Ilaria Romagnuoloinsight into nanopore sequencing performance: a promising approach to detect CNVsB. Giusti, A. Magi
Roberto SemeraroA new morphological approach for synthetic genomic samples generationS. Ruffo, A. Magi
Francesco TurchiniFeature aggregation algoritm for concept recognitionA. Del Bimbo
PhD StudentThesis titleSupervisor
Claudio BadiiAnalysis and development of algorithms for cloud and smart cityP. Nesi, P. Bellini
Francesco BagattiniOn the interplay between global optimization and machine LearningF. Schoen
Daniele BaracchiNovel neural networks for structured dataP. Frasconi
Federico BecattiniFine-grained semantic annotation of visual media for object and action detectionA. Del Bimbo, M. Bertini, L. Seidenari
Alice CavaliereLow-cost air quality stations for next generation monitoring networksF. Bagnoli, S. Di Lonardo, G. Gualtieri, A. Zaldei
Maria Letizia Di BartoloModelling leaf dynamics and assessing the carbon storage capacity of a meadow of Posidonia oceanicaM. Materassi, S. Ruffo
Marco DolfiEnergy-efficient solutions for 5G network scenarios

E. Del Re, S. Morosi, C. Cavdar

Andrea FerracaniExploiting digital traces and human factors to design and improve HCI systems for online, outdoor and indoor environments

A. Del Bimbo

Claudio FerrariRepresenting faces: local and holistic approaches with application to recognition

A. Del Bimbo, G. Lisanti

Sara FioravantiPerformance engineering of multi-level meta-modeling architectures based on j2EE stack

E. Vicario

Giuseppe FontanaProgressi nell’analisi di testabilità e nella teoria generale dei circuiti analogici

S. Manetti, M. C. Piccirilli

Alessandro GalligariOptimization algorithms for network equilibrium problems and transportation planning problems

M. Sciandrone

Leonardo GalteriDeep learning for detection in compressed videos and imagesA. Del Bimbo, M. Bertini, L. Seidenari
Stefano GherardiniNoise as a resource: probing and manipulating classical and quantum dynamical systems via stochastic measurementsF. Caruso, G. Battistelli, L. Chisci, S. Ruffo
Pietro GiannelliDesign of a structural health monitoring system based on guided-wave ultrasound inspection methodsL. Capineri, G. Calabrese
Chiara GiuntiLa formazione dei Dirigenti Scolatici italiani: un approccio metodologico e applicativo individuato attraverso la tecnica Delphi-MulticriteriaM. Ranieri, P. Nesi
Nirmala Kuppalu RamappaA system biology approach to study pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) cells in in vitro cultureA. Arcangeli, G. Innocenti
Dasara ShullaniVideo forensic tools exploiting features from video-container to video-encoder level

A. Piva

Imad ZazaOntological knowledge-base for railway control system and analytical data platform for Twitter

P. Nesi, A. Fantechi, P. Bellini