Soft skills for entrepreneurship

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A public call for participation to the course:  “Soft Skills per l’Imprenditività” (  ) is now open.  The course is devoted to PhD students, “Assegnisti” and similar.  The course contents and the call can be downloaded. In summary it consists of: Creativity;Managerial attitude, teamworking, teambuildingDesign thinking and market analysisStrategy and managerial behaviour  (Lego Serious Play)Business […]

PhDinfo Seminars: Lorenzo Buffoni on the D-Wave Quantum Computer

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On February 1st, 2019, Lorenzo started our PhD Seminar Series with a nice introduction to Quantum Computing on the D-Wave machine. The development of quantum-classical hybrid algorithms is critical to deploy noisy intermediate-scale quantum devices in state-of-the-art computational models. In this seminar I will introduce the architecture of the D-Wave quantum annealer and show how […]

PhDinfo Seminars: Sara Nicoletti on “Non-normal effects on network dynamics”

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Today we had an interesting seminar by Sara based on two of her papers. Thanks for the nice presentation! Abstract: Network science is a fundamental framework to study and understand complex systems in a large variety of phenomena in disciplines like physics, economics, biology and sociology. Dynamics on  networks are usually described by defining a linear dynamical […]