Nonlinear and Robust Consensus Protocols

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in this course we propose and analyze different classes of linear and nonlinear algorithms that allow asymptotic convergence towards consensus. We relate dynamical properties (asymptotic consensus) with graph theoretical features of the network of interactions considered. we study recently proposed criteria involving unilateral interactions, joint-agent interactions and adversarially robust consensus.

Image restoration: an overview

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The course addresses the problem of image restoration, especially denoising and deblurring. This topic has been treated for decades in the image processing community and the principal objective of the course is giving to the audience an overview of the proposed methods, from basic to advanced ones.

Linear and nonlinear Kalman filtering: theory and applications

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This course aims to provide both theoretical and practical tools to tackleestimation problems encountered in several areas of engineering and science. In particular, it is shown how to formulate such estimation problems as instances of a general dynamical system state estimation problem and how to derive the mathematical solution of the latter problem. Then it […]

Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Autonomous Systems: Focus on drone vision, imaging, surveillance and cinematography.

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18-19 November 2020, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH),Live Web Course Technological and scientific development in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Computer Vision and Deep Learning has led to the use of drones in various applications that was previously unthinkable. In the field of media production (cinema movies, documentaries, news coverage and sport events), […]

Best paper award to Luca Bossi and co-authors

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We proudly announce that  Luca Bossi, Pierluigi Falorni, Gennadiy Pochanin, Timothy Bechtel, Jack Sinton, Fronefield Crawford, Tetiana Ogurtsova, Vadym Ruban, Lorenzo Capineri received the Best Paper Award from the 2020 IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON METROLOGY FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 & IoT for their paper “DESIGN OF A ROBOTIC PLATFORM FOR LANDMINE DETECTION BASED ON INDUSTRY 4.0 […]

PhD discussion on the web

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In these days we have had the first PhD defense held on line as a consequence of the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 emergency. Even in this really strange and dramatic situation, with everybody (candidates, committee, friends and parents) remotely connected on the web, it was a great great emotion and satisfaction to hear Leonardo […]

Lapo Miccinesi: reporto from Rome, Porto, Potsdam, Le Hague, Turin,…

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From June to September 2019, I attended four conferences. These conferences were related to microwave/radar applications. I presented  some works related to advanced technique for monitoring infrastructures. In Rome (Piers conference), a paper related to the comparison of the performances between MIMO and Compressive Sensing MIMO was presented. A novel geophone system for a stand-alone […]