PhD courses & Seminars 2022/23

PhD courses

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Simulations for Systems Safety and Security

Carlos Budde, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the University of Trento


The course develops on methods for Rare Events Simulation, focusing on their application to Dynamic Fault Trees and Attack Trees, combining presentations with hands-on tool-supported experience

July 10-13, on line only 14.00-18.00

16 hours / 4 CFU’s


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Paolo Frasconi

Domain adaptation, multitask, transfer, meta learning, lifelong, contrastive, self-supervised.

Date: July 11, 18, 25, 2023 – sala riunioni DINFO, via di Santa Marta 3 Firenze

Hours / CFU: 12 h / 3 CFU


David Angeli
Curr: Control, Optimization and Complex Systems
JULY 20,21, 2023


Image restoration: an overview
Fabrizio Argenti
Curr: Telecommunications and Telematics
September 11,12, 2023


Simone Morosi

Small Satellites Communications and Networks, 

Currr: Telecommunications and Telematics
8h / 2 CFU’s

Fine Giugno – Inizio Luglio


Finite Elements for Engineers
Giuseppe Pelosi, Stefano Selleri
Curr: Electronics, Electromagnetics and Electrical Systems
8h / 2 CFU

June 26,27,28,  2023


Marianna De Santis (Sapienza, Univ. Roma):

Multiobjective Mixed Integer Programming

Currr: Control, Optimization and Complex Systems

8h / 2 CFU’s

Maggio – Giugno


Agnese Mazzinghi, angelo Freni:

RFID Theory, Methods, Applications, and Issues

Cur: Electronics, Electromagnetics and Electrical Systems

16h / 4 CFU
June, 2023



Ultrasound medical imaging: an engineer’s perspective

Alessandro Ramalli, Piero Tortoli

Currr: Electronics, Electromagnetics and Electrical Systems
8h / 2 CFU’s
May 2023

Douglas Coimbra de Andrade, D. Sc.

Computer vision applied to assisted and self driving, 

Currr: Computer Engineering

20h / 5 CFU’s

April 03, 05, 12, 17, 19, 9.00-12.30


3D Computer Vision,
Marco Fanfani

Currr: Computer Engineering

12h / 3 CFU’s

Feb 28 – March 7


Lorenzo Seidenari, Leonardo Galteri

Introduction to Deep Generative Models

Feb 22, 24, Mar 1,3, 2023


12 h / 3 CFU

Deep Learning with Memory

Federico Becattini

Currr: Computer Engineering

12h / 3 CFU’s

Lectures: 17/01: 9-12; 19/01: 9-12; 24/01: 9-12; 26/01: 9-12


Global Optimization
Fabio Schoen
Control, Optimization and Complex Systems
8h / 2CFU
January 16-19, 2023 


*: PhD course proposal, still to be approved by the PhD committee 

PhD Seminars

  • 2022/11/08 – Intelligent cybersecurity (Prof. Ivan Zelinka, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic))
    Organized by prof Giacomo Innocenti
  • 2022/11/09 – Quantum Key Distribution (Prof. Miroslav Voznak, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic)). Organized by prof. Giacomo Innocenti
  • 2023/01/20 – Orchestration of Software-Defined Infrastructures for Edge Computing Applications – prof Flavio Esposito, Department of Computer Science at Saint Louis University (SLU) – USA (organized by prof. Romano Fantacci)