PhDinfo Seminar: Lorenzo Biotti, “Molecular and Nano-scale Communications”, April 16, 2021

(the slides of this and other presentations are available in the PhDinfo restricted area)

PhDinfo seminar held on April 16th, 2021 by Lorenzo Biotti, XXXVI cycle


In this presentation I’m going to give a quick overview of Molecular Communications.
In the first part, I present a recent work, so I want to thank Gian Marco Roselli, a bachelor’s degree graduating student, who gave me an important help in carrying out this analysis.
The aim of the work was to address the problem of the non-existence (no presence to date) of a classification about Molecular Communications, by providing, through a qualitative analysis, a structure and a classification methodology applicable to any author and, through a quantitative analysis, provide a general overview of all publications related to this topic.
In the second part are introduced some general aspects of Molecular Communication theory, such as the definition and how it can be related to many aspects of Information (in particular, TLC) Engineering theory, for examples the communication schema and modulation techniques.
In the final part, are given some examples of laboratory experiments and tests,  some examples at a macroscopic level, such as for environmental monitoring, and some other examples at a microscopic level, introducing the Internet of Bio-Nano Things paradigm.