XXXI cycle

Cycle XXXI - PhD Students

Omar Abdullah Alshaya

Advisors: A. Piva, D. Giuli

Topic: Mobile computing visualization

Alice Bartolozzi

Advisors: M. Basso, M. Vassalli (IBF-CNR, Genova)

Topic: Modeling, identification and control of cellular mechanical forces

Giulia Cencetti

Advisors: D. Fanelli, F. Bagnoli (Dip. Fisica e Astronomia); L. Chisci, G. Battistelli

Topic: Dynamics and control of complex networks

Guido Cocchi

Advisors: M. Sciandrone, F. Schoen

Topic: Optimization methods for big data and applications to healthcare

Aneline Dolet

Advisors: P. Tortoli, F. Varray (UCLB, Lyon, France), D. Vray ( Univ. of Lyon, France)

Topic: 3D imaging based on photo-acoustic multispectral methods (co-tutelle with UCLB, Lyon, France)

Matteo Galanti

Advisors: M. Basso, G. Innocenti, L. Giovanardi (GE Oil & Gas)

Topic: Development of algorithms for MEMS measurement systems

Patrizio Marcocci

Advisors: E. Del Re, L. Mucchi, L.S. Ronga

Topic: Development of wireless communication systems exploiting visible light

Eugenio Marino Merlo

Advisors: L. Capineri

Topic: Ultrasonic monitoring of pressure systems

Neda Rojhani

Advisors: M. Pieraccini

Topic: Ground-based synthetic aperture radar

Michele Sorelli

Advisors: L. Bocchi

Topic: Quantitative analysis and modeling of the microcirculation and its alterations in critically ill patients