XXXIV cycle

Cycle XXXIV - PhD Students

Alberto Arienzo

Curriculum: Telecommunications and Telematics

Advisors: L. AlparoneF. ArgentiB. Aiazzi (IFAC-CNR)

Topic: Multi-sensor model-based data fusion for remote sensing applications


Luca Bossi

Curriculum: Electronics, Electromagnetics and Electrical Systems

Advisor: L. Capineri

Topic: Analysis and development of buried objects detection and classification methods based on an open research platform based on multisensory data

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Enrica D’Afflisio

Curriculum: Control, Optimization and Complex Systems

Advisors: L. Chisci, G. Battistelli, P. Braca (NATO-CMRE)

Topic: Maritime anomaly detection


Claudio Giangrossi

Curriculum: Electronics, Electromagnetics and Electrical Systems

Advisors: P. Tortoli, E. Boni

Topic: Novel 2D and 3D imaging approaches for real-time implementation on a research scanner

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Luciano Alessandro Ipsaro Palesi

Curriculum: Computer Engineering

Advisors: P. NesiP. Bellini

Topic: Study and development of predictive modeling for marketing

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Adnan Rashid

Curriculum: Telecommunications and Telematics

Advisors: T. Pecorella, F. Chiti,

Topic: Software defined networking architecture in Fog Networks

Simone Ricci

Curriculum: Computer Engineering

Advisors: A. Del BimboM. Bertini, T. Uricchio

Topic: Automatic generation of annotations for images understanding

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Alessio Sortino

Curriculum: Control, Optimization and Complex Systems

Advisors: F. SchoenM. Sciandrone

Topic: Optimization methods for hyper-parameter selection

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Nina Ghigo

Curriculum: Electronics, Electromagnetics and Electrical Systems

Advisors: P. Tortoli, S. Ricci, Hervé Liebgott, Didier Vray

Topic: Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging 2D and 3D of tissue and blood flow motions in the abdominal aorta


Benjamin Szczapa

Curriculum: Computer Engineering

Advisors: Mohamed Daoudi (Univ Lille), A. Del Bimbo, P. Pala, S. Berretti 

Topic: Analysis/Prediction of Human Behaviour Temporal Sequences in the Wild